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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Evan Sharp reviewed Full Circle Dojang
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Best martial arts school in the area! Master Charles Jackson and his team of Certified instructors are top notch with training. Master Jackson is not only a great instructor but a mentor to the children and young adults of Full Circle Dojang. My daughters have been attending classes there for 2 1/2 years now and just can't get enough. I myself have finally started going to classes. I would recommend the adult classes for anyone who loves martial arts or just wants to get in better shape. The best part of Full Circle Dojang is they treat you like FAMILY!!

Eric J. Santiago reviewed Full Circle Dojang
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Fantastic program for kids to develop into confident productive citizens. Almost 4 years in with our oldest and our 4 year old just joined. Mr. Jackson provides the path and structure to make his students goal driven go getters.
Thank you!

Gary Szymanski reviewed Full Circle Dojang
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From the minute you meet Charles you know that he is super passionate about his work and the kids he works with. He is developing strong, confident leaders for our future and should be revered for taking on such a huge task. If you haven't started your child in karate yet, what are you waiting for? Charles is the man!

Scott Hall reviewed Full Circle Dojang
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What a great dojang!!!!My daughter feels like family here. Mr. Jackson and his instructors are committed to their students. Love the fact that my young daughter has the opportunity to train with female instructors who show her that girls can and do excel at martial arts. I️ simply love everything about Full Circle and would and have recommend it many a times. Thanks again guys/gals.

Rena Shaab reviewed Full Circle Dojang
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I can’t say enough good things about This school! Charles and Jean treat every student & their parents like family and every instructor is top notch! The confidence, strength & pride they have instilled in my daughter is invaluable and her love for this sport no doubt is in part to the atmosphere and instructors at Full Circle.

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Gratefulness Post: By Evangeline Lappas

There have been a multitude of influential people in my life, but only one influenced

me in a significant way. Master Charles Jackson, the head instructor and owner of Full Circle

Dojang Taekwondo Academy. I have been training at his school for over a decade and have

been serving as an instructor for seven years. I recently tested for and achieved my 3rd

Degree Decided Black Belt in Huntsville, Alabama, at the end of September. I am on track to

test for my Senior Instructor Certification before a national board of examiners in Dallas,

Texas in March 2019.


Master Jackson has driven me to follow my passion and discover what makes me

happy. While learning how to teach full classes and instructing with Master Jackson on the

Taekwondo floor, I realized how much I love teaching children and making them smile.

Recently, at a Regional Tournament in Eatontown, New Jersey, Master Jackson asked me to

center judge a few of the rings. This required me to run the entire ring and direct the other

judges. At first I was very nervous. I was afraid that I was going to do something wrong. All

he said to me was “Confidence” and I became a totally new individual. Seeing the smiles on

the children’s faces when I called out their scores and announced who was advancing in each

sparring match filled me with unexplainable joy and overwhelming exuberance.


The reason that Master Jackson opened his own Dojang was because it is his passion.

Running a business is tough, especially a martial arts business. It is not a career in which to

make a million dollars, but it will reward you in ways that are priceless. If you truly love what

you do in life you will be counted among the wealthiest. Master Jackson has been training in

Martial Arts for over 30 years. He decided that Taekwondo, and in particular, making a

difference in his students’ lives, is something that helps define him. He is a joyful, happy

person because he enjoys what he does for a living. This has inspired me to pursue what

really makes me happy: being with children, helping children and making them smile.

Aside from just making children smile, Master Jackson is there for each and every

one of his students. He has helped me through some extremely difficult personal times not

pertaining to Taekwondo. Being a head owner of a school allows you to be a therapist to

your students. Besides owning a martial arts business, I would like to be a child/adolescent

therapist. Majoring in Psychology in college will help me attain both of my goals. Knowing

how to read a child is one of the most helpful skills a person can attain.


The martial arts business is tough, but it has always taught me to never give up on

anything. If I tell myself “I can,” then I will. When I first started Taekwondo in 2008, there

was a Full Circle family picnic that my father and I decided to attend to get more involved.

As Master Jackson was talking with us he questioned in his usual authoritative tone,

“Evangeline, what is your goal in Taekwondo?” I immediately responded with, “I want to be

a black belt and only then I will stop!” “Only 1st degree?” he retorted. “Why not higher?

You never have to stop training! I never did.” Ever since that unforgettable moment I

promised myself I would never stop training and never give up my passion. I promised

myself I would keep moving forward.